What Size Unit Do I Need?

You'd be surprised how small a storage space you can fit your belongings into!
Let us help save you save space and money by finding the right size to fit your needs.
The following Size Guide is offered to help you estimate what size storage space you may need; these are our sizes now or in the near future.

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Unit Size*Compare To:What Can I Store? 
50 sq. ft.
Walk-in closet A couch, chair, chest of drawers, mattress set, boxes and small items.
* Will hold contents of a pick-up truck or cargo van

100 sq. ft.
Average size bedroom Standard furnishings from a one bedroom apartment with a refrigerator or washer and dryer, plus boxes and small items.
* Will hold contents of a 15 foot moving van

200 sq. ft.
Small one car garage Furnishings from a two or three bedroom apartment/home with appliances, many boxes and extras or hold a car or truck.
* Will hold contents of a 24 foot, moving van